Ways to play without a player card

In traditional casinos you can no longer avoid the player card. Your profits and losses are throttled and various other regulatory mechanisms must be observed. Fortunately, the new Gaming Ordinance 2018 does not apply to online casinos in which you can continue to gamble as usual.

So it is not surprising that the number of online players continues to grow. Online gambling halls are springing up like mushrooms and offer casino fans countless advantages. Not only is there a huge selection of games available, the odds of winning are definitely better online. There is also the unbeatable aspect that you can play from the comfort of your own home.

With the introduction of the player card, online casinos will become even more attractive. Many gamers find the thought of having to play so throttled not very entertaining. The idea behind the player card is a good one, but it definitely reduces the entertainment value. If you are not a fan of the new gaming regulation either, we recommend that you visit an online casino.

You will definitely find the right platform with us. We have tested countless platforms for you and only introduce you to reputable providers. They all have gambling licenses, work with secure payment methods and have a customer service who is on hand in case of doubt.

Casino bonus in the online casino

Another advantage of online gambling is that almost every online casino has different bonus offers. In the traditional amusement arcade you will rarely or never find such actions. In online casinos, however, it is common for you to get more for your money. For example, deposit bonuses such as 200% casino bonus or more are given, which are intended to increase your deposit.

The no deposit bonus is also popular. In some casinos you only have to register in order to get a small starting credit that you can play with. Free spins are also often awarded for slot machines. You have to wait a long time for the new TR5 machines in the land-based casino – here it seems more as if the traditional gaming libraries are becoming increasingly unattractive for players. Little is being done to change this situation. Instead, the guidelines are getting stricter and the benefits less and less.

Conclusion: better player protection, but less fun

The new slot machine law is arguably a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is a fact that gambling addiction is still a big issue. On the other hand, we are not sure whether the player card will really improve the situation. The gaming at the machine is more controlled, there are maximum winnings and losses are also throttled.

At the same time, slot fans lose their fun, even though slot machines already have a difficult position in traditional casinos or restaurants. We are therefore not sure whether the new 2018 Gaming Ordinance was really the best idea. It is more likely that players will increasingly resort to online casinos. These must definitely be regulated and licensed, as they undoubtedly represent the future of gambling.

As far as the traditional machines are concerned, other alternatives to the player card would also be conceivable: The aforementioned restricted card index could be a relief for gambling addicts. Facial recognition is also a good approach that policymakers should take. However, new slot machines in 2020 will now be equipped with various regulatory mechanisms that give the player significantly less freedom. At the same time, it is obvious that player protection is an important issue that should not be neglected.

If you are not a fan of the player card, you will find countless online casinos on our site that are approved for German players. Our casinos are reputable and have been put through their paces. With the diverse bonus offers that you can expect in selected online casinos, you certainly won’t go wrong with registration. So you can make a direct comparison and then judge whether you are more made for the traditional casino flair or prefer the fun at home.

Questions and answers about the player card

► What is a player card in the game library?

This is a card that is used to pay at the machine instead of real money . Slot machines equipped with Technical Guideline 5 (TR5) only accept this player card, which is clearly linked to its owner.

► How can you use the player card to play two machines at the same time?

It does not work anymore. In addition to the limitation, it was also one of the main arguments why this limitation was introduced. Playing on two or more devices at the same time is considered dangerous and is therefore no longer permitted in the context of player protection.

► Can you bypass the limit of the player card?

Technically, we are not aware of any way to do this. The system is so well developed that it is virtually impossible for players to get more than one card. We would also strongly advise against trying this – not only because of the protection against gambling addiction, but also to really get any possible profits.

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