How are we spending more money on gaming than ever before now?

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Although gaming has always been popular, it seems to be undergoing a real renaissance lately. This has seen it evolve from a niche activity that people did in their bedrooms to something much more mainstream. This is fueled by the increasing number of people who have started to play games and the development of the sector as a whole. 

As well as video gaming, we now have modern innovations such as eSports and mobile play. The mobile sector is expected to be worth over $90bn alone by the end of 2021! Of course, the other major gaming niche that people love now is online casino play. This is not a surprise when you look at the excellent casino games available and the raft of accessible online casinos to game at. If you are looking for the best NJ online casino, Resorts Casino is a great choice. It not only has awesome customer support but also a cool mobile app to try. 

This range of choice allied with the popularity of gaming now sees us spend more money on it than ever before. With video game revenue in 2020 being reported at over $175bn, the stats certainly seem to back this up. How are we investing so much cash into gaming now? 

In-game purchases 

This is perhaps the major reason why people spend so much when playing games in the modern age. Many titles will come with the option to make in-game purchases – particularly mobile games. Lots of video games will also include this – such as the custom skin packs you can buy in Minecraft. Even some slotsnow come with the option to buy extra spins. 

Gaming accessories 

Another reason behind the increased amounts that people spend on gaming now is accessories. This could be anything from specific gaming chairs to headsets or upgrading the machine you game on. People who play a lot like to buy accessories because it helps them perform better and feel more comfortable when playing. 

Updates and extra game content 

As well as in-game purchases, people love to spend money on extra content, which give games a new lease of life. This downloadable content is often released at some point after the main game, but can be launched at the same time in certain cases. People will also spend money on new or different versions of games, which might have extras that a previous one did not. A good example is people buying the standard edition of FIFA but then also paying out for the Ultimate Edition later on.

Gaming is seeing us spend more than ever now

The huge sums that gaming niches make each year points to how much people like to spend on this hobby now. As the above shows, there are many reasons for how and why this is the case. As the sector develops in new directions moving ahead, this should only become more common. 

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