The working of a live casino

As with most things, casinos have also become digital offering enthusiasts the experience in every corner of the world. With a wide variety of advantages over the conventional brick and mortar casinos, the digital or onlinecasinos have made their mark on the usual consumer. Providing them with benefits like the flexibility of time and place along with a broader assortment of games on a single platform, online casinos are on their way to becoming the staple amongst casino players. One such portion of online casinos is a live casino

What is a live casino?

It is a casino game that you play on a device; usually, a phone or a computer where you are made to compete against a real player and the game is shown via live video streaming.

The experience of enjoying live casino

It is the middle ground between the orthodox and the new, meaning it offers you a similar feeling while being on your phone. It means that you would be playing against a real contender like you would in a brick and mortar casino as opposed to playing against a computer on your device be it your phone, tablet or computer. The added factor of competing against a real person brings a level of authenticity in the overall experience as it mimics the real deal. There are various games that can be played in this fashion, and typical examples are Blackjack, live roulette, poker and many more exclusive games like slot game 66.

They are safe.

They are one of the safest games that can be played online as long as you stick with legal and regulated casinos. You can quickly check the license of the casino, and you wish to play with and by doing a bit of your research about the authenticity of the website you choose. Moreover, it is almost impossible to cheat in online casinos as they are some of the most regulated platforms you might come across on the internet. In case somebody is found to be cheating, they are usually blacklisted, their ID and IP address is tracked and banned from further usage, and they are heavily fined. Whereas in a traditional casino, cheating can lead to either being thrown out of the establishment, an arrest, getting banned from the casino or possibly all the three. Greatest hits in pokies online can be found only at Casinonic casino.

Additionally, games like Blackjack allow you to see dealing of the cards via a live stream this ensures that it is not rigged in any manner as you are witnessing the game while it is being played.


Making a transaction online is one of the most day-to-day things that we are used to doing now. It is one of the safest and most hassle-free ways of making or accepting payment. Online casinos are one such platform where you will be using a similar method to either deposit or withdraw money. Here you also have to option to make a payment using different currencies depending on the platform; some casinos even accept digital currencies like bitcoin.

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